The Company – RISC in Brief

Our Motto - Lead instead of following.

As Germany-wide technology specialists for automation, application deployment, and virtualization solutions, we see it as our task, to implement sustainable and long term solutions for the companies we advise.

The particular proximity to our customers means that we are able to understand the business requirements in a precise manner. This means we do not just tell customers what they want to hear. It means we work together with transparency and commit to the best possible outcome to achieve the goal.

We do not just advise, we inspire.

On this basis we develop, implement and run for our clients customized solutions that we integrate seamlessly into the existing structures of the IT organization. Our knowledge and experience is shaped by the expertise of our consultants, who have acquired their knowledge from a variety of projects for companies and public organizations.

Due to the high compression of specialized know-how consider us, especially from beginning to end. This concerns not only the technological perspective, with its fine facets, but also the temporal history and development of the past few years. Our skills are based on the early days of enterprise IT. Thus, there is nothing that we have not seen before - no problem that is too complicated and not a project that we could not successfully lead to the conclusion today.

The longstanding trust of our customers shows - we remain the first choice in difficult situations.

To further enhance this level, the principle of continuous development applies to all of our consultants. We combine talent with leadership potential, integrity, a sharp analytical mind, ingenuity and talent with people from all areas of an organization together.

So we bind the outstanding specialists and characters to us, to help us shape and define the values ​​and culture of RISC as a new standard of IT service.

Bulding our Success

We act with integrity.

Our values and corporate culture are the benchmark of our thoughts and actions. They are an integral part of our corporate consciousness - based on the present and our future. Working with people committed to integrity towards our clients, employees and business partners. These values we not only preach, but live as well. Whether talking about the structures, the organization of the company, or the way we think and act - we are the personal conviction, these values are the foundation for the sustained success of RISC.

Buchstabe R

esponsibility - the basic building block of our company.

We maintain a firm awareness that responsibility is seen as a central principle. Only those who have the responsibility of your trade are aware and can generate sustainability at the end of a day. Thus we understand responsibility as an integral part of our corporate decision making processes. This provides our customers, as well as our partners, security and a long-term perspective. We always keep an eye on what's important: The people who work for us and the people for whom we work.

Buchstabe I

nnovation - the competition is always one step ahead.

To find future-oriented solutions is an important factor for sustained success. Our goal is the continuous improvement of products and processes, which we see ourselves as a growing organization - open to new ideas and change to take advantage of opportunities. The technology market is changing rapidly and we keep pace, continually watching carefully to complement our services, solutions and products. This provides scale and less impact on our customers and partners to focus on their core business.

Buchstabe S

implicity - creates efficiency and clarity.

We do not make unrealistic promises or submit unnecessarily complicated concepts - we provide clearly defined services and focus on what's important - both in time and financial terms - without losing optimal functionality. This does not mean that we are satisfied with standard solutions. Rather, it is the rejection of unnecessary complexity and slowness towards efficiency and clarity. We are happy to be measured against the offered solutions and services.

Buchstabe C

onfidence – the basis of long-term bond.

Our customers, partners and employees have a principle mandatory and positive attitude. To inspire confidence always means to give confidence! Only then can it also grow to the self-confidence necessary to create a lasting relationship. The basic prerequisites are created when transparency, fairness and respect are given. This loyalty pays off by a long-standing loyalty of our customers, business partners and employees.

The reference class

Professionals prefer to work with professionals.

So that you see are our customers even repeat offenders for the purposes of placing an order , we have dared to give it up with mere names to flirt . The RISC committed to your deeds and show you the most important projects of the past on . We attach particular importance to explain the technical and new ways we have gone , we also express uncomfortable truths and no discussion out of the way to be of service to our customers.

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Manufacturer association -
Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 Migration to XenDesktop 7.5. ... [+] Read more
Banks and Commerce -
Conceptual design (design) a NetScaler infrastructure for the customer an outsourcing service. Implementation of Access Gateways. Conceptual design for the provision of applications and remote desktop access ... [+] Read more
Insurance company -
Application analysis, packaging, automation and deployment of standard and unternehmensspezifischen- applications. The applications were distributed and installed by System Center Configuration Manger to the target systems ... [+] Read more
Public office -
Installation and configuration of Microsoft Hyper-V and importing virtual machines from a Virtual Server 2008 environment. Examination of App-V configuration and Workshop application delivery in the field of application virtualization ... [+] Read more
Public office -
Planning of infrastructure components. Installation and Konfiguraiton the individual components. Configuration and deployment of the Citrix farm. Migration of users of Metaframe XPe on Presentation Server 4.5 using Flex Profiles. ... [+] Read more
Managed outsourcing -
Review of AppSense 8.0 environment. Out possibilities of optimization. Tips and tricks for using the EM User Personalization Manager 8.1. Common Created by Mandatory profile. Sizing of the application servers and database systems. ... [+] Read more
Oberfinanzdirektion -
Application analysis of 200 applications. Repacketierung of setup files and InstallShield packages. Creating SCCM packages. Create App-V packages and dependencies. Application migration from Windows XP to Windows 7. ... [+] Read more
Oberfinanzdirektion -
App-V 4.6 und 5.0 Workshop ... [+] Read more
Chemical company -
Citrix Web Interface consolidation on an IIS 7 cluster system behind a hardware load balancer. Providing an external access through workstations and mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry through a Citrix NetScaler. ... [+] Read more
Clinics and Hospitals -
Automated update from MS Office 2000 to Office 2003. print server migration from Windows Server 2000 to Windows Server 2003. Upgrade, Migration and Licensing virtual infrastructure VMWare ESX 3.0 and VI 2.0 to vCenter Server and vSphere 4.0. ... [+] Read more
IT service provider -
Configuration and deployment of infrastructure for the provision of a Light Touch deployment infrastructure using WDS. Edit the unattended XML file with the help of the WAIK. Construction of the Golden Image with subsequent deployment on all client computers. Training for all employees ... [+] Read more
IT service provider -
Conceptualizing a failsafe virtual desktop infrastructure based on XenDesktop 7.Bereitstellung the Applicationen App-V 5. Client Deployment on MCS and Provisioning Services. Load Balancing the storefront server via NetScaler. ... [+] Read more
Lawyers and Accountants -
Infrastructure scanning and analysis of the entire IT infrastructure of all Germany's connected locations. The focus was here among other Active Directory Domain Services (AD, DNS, DHCP, GPOs), File and Print Services, Profile Management, Terminal Services, application installation and configuration. ... [+] Read more
Insurance company -
Conceptual design (design / planning and implementation) a NetScaler infrastructure for the customer of an outsourcing provider. Implementation of Access Gateways. Conceptual design for the provision of applications and remote desktop access. ... [+] Read more
Insurance company -
Conceptualizing a Remote Desktop Services farm on Windows Server 2008 R2 base with Citrix XenApp 6.5 in the Amazon Cloud. ... [+] Read more
Buying syndicate -
Proof of Concept a native App-V infrastructure. Installation and configuration of a management server. Providing the sequencing system. Installing the App-V client on a terminal server and a desktop system ... [+] Read more
Banks and Finances -
Proof of Concept of XenApp 7.5 on Windows Server 2012 R2, storefront and Citrix Provisioning Services. Using AppSense EM, AM and PM and Personalization Server were also considered. ... [+] Read more
Banks and Finances -
Migration Support for Windows Server 2003 with XenApp 5.0 to Windows Server 2008 R2 with XenApp 6.5. Published Desktop operating on RDS with XenApp 6.5. Using AppSense EM, AM and PM and Personalization Server. Support in the Shared Components architecture, implementation and operation of Citrix infrastructure components, GPOs and AppSense ... [+] Read more
IT-Dienstleister (Pharmaunternehmen) -
Firewall consolidation and migration of Nortel Alteon 2424 infrastructure on Cisco ACE load balancer A2 (3.x). DNS conversion of gebalancten intranet Web Self incl. Kerberos authentication ... [+] Read more
IT-Dienstleister (Pharmaunternehmen) -
Design, planning and migration of DMZ and customer segments. Network separation by VLANs and firewall instances. Implementation and configuration of firewall systems management and high availability and site-2-site VPNs with UTM-1 Edge for external customers and branches connections ... [+] Read more
IT service providers (pharmaceutical companies) -
Creation of a concept for the use of a Published Desktops with internal and external accessibility through the Citrix NetScaler. Automation of deployment. Configuration and installation of customer applications ... [+] Read more
IT service providers (pharmaceutical companies) -
Providing a dedicated XenApp 6.5 farm to access an external service provider for the UHD access. Creation of the concept for the provision of services as "critical" application with 24/7 runnability. ... [+] Read more
IT service providers (pharmaceutical companies) -
Infrastructure design and concept creation. Migration planning and integration of mobile devices to the network. ... [+] Read more
IT service providers (pharmaceutical companies) -
Detailed Proof of Concept of XenApp 6.5 to vSphere 5.1. provide central access via Citrix Desktop Published on different Citrix farms and applications. ... [+] Read more
IT service provider (pharmaceutical company) -
Migration of Presentation Server systems and farms in the new XenApp 6.5 farm. The applications have been packaged with App-V and automated using powershell Skritpe distributed to the target systems ... [+] Read more
IT service provider (pharmaceutical company) -
Conception, design and implementation of a published desktop infrastructure based on XenApp. You can access externally via the NetScaler and internally using the Web Interface. ... [+] Read more
IT service provider (pharmaceutical company) -
As part of the outsourcing project, an external service provider was linked to the customer infrastructure via Citrix technologies. Establishment of an external NetScaler page with links to the Storefront 2.0 systems ... [+] Read more
IT service provider (pharmaceutical company) -
Connecting storefront with NetScaler. Load Balancing XenDesktop systems at Storefront System ... [+] Read more

Be strong together

Cooperation means to bundle competencies.

We believe that long-term, stable business relationships are essential for the development of high-quality and reliable product quality and performance.

This same reason applies to us that we advise for our clients: Focus on core competencies. The pace of innovation in the field of IT is as high as ever. To not only keep pace here, but to drive new developments ahead and become an integrated master in the field, we must focus.

Therefore, we attach great importance to working with a network of powerful strategic and technological partners - both nationally and internationally. To not only keep up, but to drive new developments forward, we supplement our own ideas targeted by the competence of a cooperation. To consult and bring together the knowledge of our partners creates an intelligent approach for our customers. RISC consistently emphasizes cooperation for all our customers’ future initiatives.

We show face

Not only printed letters, for us it matters to showing face

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Our skills are confirmed

The win-win situation for our customers.

Who, if not the manufacturer itself, could provide expertise for competence in dealing with their products? RISC and its team!

This is exactly why we maintain a very close contact with our technical partners. All are deliberately chosen to create a well-rounded portfolio of products that for every problem, the right solution is provided. This not only proves deep product knowledge, but gives us rather the respect of the industry. Ultimately, it is the security that our customers need to transfer responsibilities and complex tasks to us with a good feeling.

We therefore maintain our status not only to expand, but to be at the forefront of every new development. From the beta phases of the relevant products of our technology partners, our consultants grapple with the innovations that will be developed. Thus, we are always ready to support our customers from the first day of deployment.

Citrix Partner - Silver Solution Advisor
Citrix Partner - Silver Solution Advisor

Citrix Systems is a leading provider of virtualization, networking and software-as-a-service technologies worldwide for more than 230,000 businesses. Today's close cooperation between Citrix and Microsoft is the result of over 20 years of cooperation. They began in 1989 with the licensing of the OS / 2 source code by Citrix.

Microsoft Partner - Gold Datacenter
Microsoft Partner - Gold Datacenter

Microsoft is the world's largest software manufacturer headquartered in Redmond, a suburb of Seattle (Washington State). The company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Microsoft applies a survey by the Financial Times below 1,000 directors and managers, as well as some fund managers, media commentators and non-governmental organizations by General Electric as the second most important companies in the world.

AppSense - Platinum Solutions Partner
AppSense - Platinum Solutions Partner

The company AppSense is a specialist in security and optimization solutions. The products AppSense developed for servers and desktops on the Microsoft Windows platform and are ideal for Terminal Server, Citrix XenApp, Web services and business-critical systems. Particular attention is paid to the products of easy manageability and efficiency of request fulfillment.

VMware Partner - Specialized Consulting and Integration
VMware Partner - Specialized Consulting and Integration

VMware, Inc., a US-based company that develops software in the field of virtualization is developed. The company was founded in 1998 with the aim to develop a technique to bring virtual machines on standard computers for use. The most famous product is VMware Workstation. VMware was founded by the computer scientists Mendel Rosenblum, Diane Greene (1998-2008 CEO), Scott Devine, Edward Y. Wang and Edouard Bugnion founded 1998th.