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Empowering enterprises and the public sector with transformative data center and cloud solutions since 2010.


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Simplify your IT operations and increase productivity with our solutions.


Free your staff from manual and repetitive tasks. Improve response times, reduce errors, and increase the speed of your operations with IT automation.

Cloud Transformation

Stay ahead of the competition by transforming your IT infrastructure with the power of the cloud. Leverage scalable and cost-effective solutions that boost collaboration and productivity.

Business Transition

Meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace. Easily implement new technologies, improve customer experience, and transform your HR. 

Modern Workplace & EUC

Modernize your workspace with cloud-based collaborative tools and automated devices and applications. 

We give you more time to focus on your business.


Our Services

Efficient, sustainable, and to the point.

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Over a decade of experience in hybrid IT infrastructures and multi cloud environments.

Managed Services

Legally compliant European nearshoring for partial or full support of your corporate IT.

Managed Service
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Trainings & Workshops

Efficient trainings and workshops for your IT staff, from administrator to manager.

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platform.XO is here! Register to #XOAP now and try it our for 30 days. ⬇️ A walkthrough session with @sinisasokolic starts at 3:30 PM tmrw 🗓️

Want to power off your VMs over the weekend automatically? Migrate 100s of systems in a few clicks? 🚀

#platformXO is coming!

Script scheduling, deployment to cloud platforms, running CLI and partial scripts... ✅

Head to our website to learn more:

🔵 Our config.XO module, based on #PowerShellDSC makes configuration consistent across platforms.

Very soon, with the platform.XO pre-release, we'll be taking multi cloud automation to a new level. 🆙

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🤖 #CTOAdvice pt. 2 | Thinking about integrating automation into your IT infrastructure? 🚀

Our CTO suggests free tools that will help you set up everything and 👉 avoid vendor lock-in.

Coding, documentation, version control tools... Dive right in! ⬇️

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